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502 Black Eats Week
Thanks for another successful year! See you in 2024!

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About 502 Black Eats

*You have a chance at a $25 CASH PRIZE! 
Just send a pic of your receipt for entry to, you get 1 entry for every business you visit, giving you multiple chances to win! 

The campaign, created by Tiandra Robinson (The Marketing Maven) in 2020, aims to encourage patronage, increase exposure, and boost sales for these businesses and was an answer to the havoc Covid caused on the local restaurant industry.

Taking place during the first week of October, Black Eats Week offers customers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy special discounts and deals for seven days. To fully benefit from the campaign, customers must mention 502 Black Eats Week when making their purchases, ensuring that they contribute to the success and growth of these businesses.

This initiative not only supports the local food industry but also introduces new customers to the diverse culinary options available in Louisville and supports making an economic impact for black-owned businesses. Be sure to mark your calendar and participate in 502 Black Eats Week to discover and savor the wonderful offerings from these incredible food-based businesses.

Housekeeping notes

*All businesses that participate assume all liabilities of their business in regard to customers and interactions.

*Check business hours for the participating businesses, a lot of them do not have Monday or Tuesday hours, and some of them are mobile-based, check their social media pages for locations during the week. Most are also independent/start-ups, contact them through their linked social media pages.

Featured Grub!
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Featured Goodies!

Featured Gulps!

I am on a mission to help black-owned businesses succeed and close the wealth gap. The efforts to create marketing campaigns like 502 Black Business Week and 502 Black Eats Week to promote black-owned businesses locally and nationwide are truly rewarding.

My passion for financially supporting black-owned businesses, spreading the word to everyone I know, and helping them succeed through marketing is remarkable. It's efforts like these that will help create the change we need and close the wealth gap.

It's amazing that I've been using my skills as a marketing expert to help small and black-owned businesses succeed. By providing my services to these businesses, I'm not only helping them financially but also assisting them in establishing marketing practices imperative to their success.

Those interested in learning more about me, following my journey, or seeking my guidance on marketing strategies, you can follow me on Instagram at @tmarieconsulting or visit my website at

Picture of the person who created the 502 Black Eats Week, a woman in a yellow suit.
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